lead me from death, to immortality

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♥ Bunny Tsukino ♥
4 July 1986
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'the innocent and the beautiful have no enemy but time.' w b yeats

by the end this won't be

the same journal as when you first started reading it

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11:11, adamantium (especially liquid), adolf hitler, alice in wonderland, ambition, american mcgee, artemis fowl, astonishing romance, babylon 5, bear symbolism/themes in legends-of-the-fall, beetlejuice, being a proper malfoy, being a top-hat ninja, being sardonic, believing in fiction, ben s. harper, bisexuality, bloodplay, blueberry-grapefruit italian sodas, brian kinney, buddhism, bulletproof ideas, carousel horses, childhood, corsets, daisy crowns, dan aykroyd, dancing in a tutu, deadpanned remarks, digimon, dirk pitt, edward rochester, elephant., everyday beauty, fear, fellow diehard albus/harry believers, fettish clothing, fitzwilliam darcy, fixing tedious hardware problems, francesca cook, fucking my teachers, fucking your potions master, geishas, ginger snaps, giraffes, glam rock clothing, gluten-free foods, grass is greener syndrome, gus van sant, hair dye, hannibal lecter, harry potter, having a calloused heart, having the last laugh, house m.d., indiana jones, inklink, intractabillion, ivan storkavic, jason isaacs, jeanne d'arc, juxtapose city, king jas, latin, learning, leather pants, level 15 of weffriddles, lip service, literogratumerriment, lydia deetz, marcus cole, mascara!, masculinity, michael stipe, mutant freedom now, my jeep, my piercings, my tattoo, narnia, neil cicierega, paul millander, phytotherapy, poetry, pratyahara, pride, proverbs, pyramids in american history, r.e.m., rill/simion, sarcasm, secret romances, severus snape, sideburns (especially mine), sir leigh teabing, sky captain, slytherin, snarry, starr/black, stephane, stomach butterfly syndrome, suddenly routine strange things, suicide girls, symmetrical division syndrome, taito, teen angel, the letter k, the mirror of maybe, the sweet hereafter, these fucking awesome sunglasses, tim burton, tom petty, tristan ludlow, tyler durdan, v, vaudeville, vegan foods, war mage ash, writing, yoga

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